Welcome to Everquest Return to Norrath!

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  • Boxing enabled – 3 clients per IP
  • Max level = 60
  • Expansion: Velious
  • Auto scribe spells and skills upon leveling
  • No corpse runs
  • Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xNYvmD9K62
  • See our discord for recent updates and changes
  • Alternate Advancement points currently available
  • Standard Project Quarm rulesets are available (hardcore mode)


  • East Commonlands is player hub
  • East Commonlands Hub has goodies and quality of life items for sale
  • Porter bot in player hub for Classic and Kunark zones – use wizards and druids for Velious
  • Planar porter bot in player hub for Classic Planes zones
  • Bind anywhere in Norrath


  • Boosted loot chances
  • Removed Lore and No Drop item tags
  • Removed level/proc/worn requirements from items
  • Weapons are usable by all classes
  • Armor Sets have increased stats to promote questing and tradeskills
  • No Legacy loot lockouts
  • Weapons are usable by all classes
  • Server announces when loot is first discovered and by who
  • Made Iksar able to wear certain gear sets: flayed skin, Incarnadine, Lustrous Russet, Rubicite, Pinkcite
  • All removed/legacy items up to Kunark have been put back in with original stats and drp at 5%


  • Tradeskill vendors in East Commonlands tunnel
  • NPCs adjusted and balanced for solo to 3 group content
  • NPC respawn tiers reduced to 3600s (1hr) but with a variance of 1800s (30m)
  • Raid mobs have increased damage output and HPs
  • Raid targets are annouced server-wide when they spawn and who kills them
  • The sleeper zone raid mobs have increased difficulty
  • Pets are stronger
  • Custom NPCs for strong custom items in player hub – more to follow


  • Classic Era
  • Fast XP
  • More info Coming soon!